Not so much anymore, but every once in awhile I get a request to do business with a client who’s going to be dealing with addiction. And I while I am a strong believer which everybody should be afforded treatment no matter their financial means, should they have the resources, they will have skin amongst gamers.

For years I caused a very high-end company managing people due to a place of privilege. Extremely wealthy, they will try and negotiate the fee for service. After multiple attempts, their insurance would no more pay for addiction services, or they’d pay for just a 10 day inpatient facility. Just enough time and energy to medically stabilize them, but zero time for you to really begin the process of recovery. For that reason, we might be contacted for any high level mitts service. From professional athletes, CEO’s to celebrities, many just didn’t need to come out of pocket. What I found interesting is those have been willing, often enjoyed greater results. That having skin amongst players placed a price on their effort.

This really became apparent when I is acceptable with teenagers and the family was since the bill. In many of the cases, there is little respect to the process. Yet, when I would enter the prison system and serve as a chaplain, I would routinely meet individuals being discharged who have been willing to do anything whatsoever to get help. I would have them plugged into a gathering or home group and they can make the coffee, build chairs, work the hotline or give someone a ride from. That was really the only currency that they had. They gladly paid and I would gladly make them. Those who didn’t bargain for life coupled with skin hanging around, generally did better inside their recovery.

I was previously working with a company owner with multiple relapses. They were wonderfully off 7 figures a year well off. They could have quickly afforded any treatment facility on the globe. They selected minimal services, plus a decade later remain in active addiction. The conversation every time we might re-engage concerned money. In reality it’s actually not about money whatsoever. But respect with the process and commitment.

I have gotten clients who have experienced a drinking trouble with a 20.00 dollar per day bar tab. When the question of greenbacks came up, they quickly remarked that by not drinking, they suddenly had 600.00 on a monthly basis to apply towards treatment. The one that didn’t hesitate often excelled. Likewise, the same to the person who made every meeting without having to be court ordered.

Money really should not be an excuse ought to comes to treatment. Why bargain together with your life? Those who have skin in the game monetarily or not, usually achieve better results. You have to give something to have something. I have heard lots of my clients say “If it didn’t hurt, I didn’t respect it.” When it involves treatment. I hope it hurts. Hurts your pockets or hurts your pride. It just has to hurt. We have to fight with the worst days for getting to good. And it is hard to do that without skin amongst people, so you do not respect the method.